Avanti Alive at 25

Driver Safety Training

All Avanti driver training is done 1 on 1 with certified auto training instructore and race car driver Walter Mann.

Teenage Driving Course

National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course

Advanced driving skills

Behind-The-Wheel Tranining for newly licensed drivers

National Safety Council reports TEEN drivers are involved in 15% of all fatal crashes despite representing only 6% of the population.

90% of TEENS have an accident during their 1st year of driving.

More than 8,000 people were killed 2008 in crashes involving TEENS between the ages of 15 and 20. Parents with new drivers stay awake at night because of these facts:

TEEN drivers have highest collision rate of any age group.

TEENS who have driven a year or less have worst crash rates.

Traffic crashes rank #1 killer of American TEEN drivers.

With the Avanti program the parent and the teen working together can reduce the risks substantially. Let my 20 years experience as a professional driving instructor and racecar driver teach your teenager or loved one the driving skills necessary to survive on our dangerous highways. Students learn defensive and advanced driving skills through classroom and behind the wheel instruction. Instruction includes: m In-home defensive and advanced driving skills training m Behind the wheel hands-on-training.

Completion of course qualifies you for both point reduction and insurance premium discounts authorized by New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.